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TENNcare – Critical Role: Frontline Supervisors:

Learn strategies for recruiting, selecting, and retaining effective frontline supervisors.

Frontline Supervisors Webinar Slides

Frontline supervisors (FLSs) play a critical role in retaining great direct support professionals (DSPs). Research shows that DSP turnover is lower when they feel valued and are treated fairly. They require access to reliable and effective supervision in order to feel supported and do their job well. A lack of effective supervisor training and assessment of supervisor competencies has sustained high rates of DSP turnover. For frontline supervisors to excel in their roles, they need to have clear job expectations and competency-based training designed to prepare them for the job, rather than simply meet state rules and regulations.

College of Frontline Supervision and Management (CFSM)

For supervisors on the frontline, the College of Direct Support online curriculum includes access to the College of Frontline Supervision and Management training. These courses will empower your managers and supervisors to continue developing their leadership knowledge and skills.

CFSM is a part of DirectCourse . If your organization is interested in CFSM, please contact your UMN consultant

FLS Interview Resources

Go to our Structured Behavioral Interview page in the Selection section to view or download the FLS Assesment, FLS  Interview Questions, and National FLS Competencies.