Thank you for visiting this webpage. If you are from an organization in Tennessee working with the University of Minnesota consultants or about to work with us, having done the survey or work with a Managed Care Organization, we ask that you provide feedback on this site. Please complete this short survey about the DSP Workforce Toolkit. As you are going through the toolkit, feel free to keep this survey open in another window. 

TennCare is collaborating with TNCO and the Institute on Community Integration (ICI) at the University of Minnesota to address workforce challenges for direct support professionals (DSPs) in Tennessee. In this multi-year comprehensive effort, the University of Minnesota is conducting an annual statewide survey about the direct support workforce in Tennessee. Participating organizations receive training and technical assistance to identify and address at least one key challenge that their organization faces aimed at improving direct support workforce turnover and retention rates.  ICI created this online DSP Workforce Toolkit for Tennessee organizations. This toolkit is a collection of evidenced-based tools and strategies that assist organizations in finding, choosing, and keeping quality DSPs. To learn about the tools and strategies available in the Tennessee DSP Workforce Toolkit, view the webinar above.