The realistic job preview (RJP) is a tool that can help increase retention by giving candidates a look at what the job is really like before they accept the job offer. It is an opportunity to share the mission, vision, and values of your organization as well as the services and supports you provide. The key of an RJP is that it is realistic, showing all aspects of the job, both positive and challenging. It highlights the duties, responsibilities, schedule, pay, and benefits of the job. The purpose of an RJP is to help a candidate make an informed decision about continuing with the interview process or to accept a position.

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TENNcare – Realistic Job Preview:

Learn about different types of realistic job previews and strategies for using them in the selection process.

Realistic Job Previews Webinar Slides

Watch the Tennessee-specific Realistic Job Preview and use it to show candidates the realistic parts of the job.

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A day as a Direct Support Professional in Tennessee- A Realistic Job Preview: